The Importance of Studying Nursing Process

The nurse is a person whose job is caring for the sick. Nurses usually work with doctors to heal the sick person. Therefore, nurses are sometimes referred to as a physician assistant by profession who is always associated with a doctor. Nursing is a profession in the health field. To become a nurse, a person must complete his studies in the field of nursing.

Studies normally exist in the field of nursing and medical school faculty and the university has a health department. In the health schools, there are two material being taught. That is the theory and practice. To qualify to become a nurse is not easy, because a person is required to learn all sorts of health. The material taught in school nurses generally similar to the material in medical school, but the difference lies in the competence. A nurse must know the nursing process so that future nursing science that had been learned can be applied in the world works.

In essence, the duties of a nurse is caring for the patient and try to make it recover from illness. So from that, the nursing process is necessary here. Why? Since this is a procedure to deal with patients in order to get well soon. A nurse is required for a purpose that is improving the health of the patient. Patients come to the hospital with the hope of a cure. Then the doctors and nurses must work together. And each of the doctors and nurses have different process guidance.

Knowledge learned in nursing school will be used by nurses to apply in the professions and their obligations. The nursing process can also be used for any process that is used to attempt to cure the patient through the formulation of the patient’s condition changes. This process consists of several steps that can be used in accordance with the needs of patients who each person is different.

Nurses are needed not only to help take care of it, but it can be a means of communication among patients with an expert physician. Through the nurse, the patient may complain about what is felt and experienced. Therefore, nurses usually equipped with the communication of science to be able to submit complaints of patients and certainly does just that. Nurses also must be able to translate what the patient had a complaint. Not only listen but should be able to handle it alone.

Healing the patient nor is it merely the success of the physician alone. Usually the doctor just to check and prescribe medication alone, while the heavier duty nurse. Nurses should always control the patient’s medication and food. Nurses also always keep an eye on the patient’s eating behavior, such as replacing their infusion or deliver drugs to the patient. So the role of nurses is meant here.
Therefore, to become a nurse must know the nursing process properly. It is indeed very important because without the right process and regular then it may cure the patient cannot run as expected.